The past year has been a roller coaster of emotions. Frustrations, heartbreaking reality, and headaches at the beginning of the year evolved into joys, excitement, and falling in love with my students. I fell in love with teaching English this year, and I fell in love with teaching at Wooddale High School. At the end of the year, I spent a long time reflecting upon what I had done right and what I had done wrong, creating a multiple-page vision of my classroom and an awesome long-term plan, specific to teaching tenth grade English at Wooddale High School. I had taken my students into account and had formulated procedures, rules, and plans that would best fit those particular students.

I finished up my vision/plans right before I went to the beach. I still had to create an end of year assessment, but that was OK. I went into the beach excited, and trying to think about what novels I was going to teach. I have also been working on my spirituality, and so I have been doing a lot of praying and meditating. On Monday night, I was sitting out on the dock next to the canal at Holden Beach and was just staring up into the sky, praying. I asked God to teach me how to trust Him, to teach me how to do His will, not mine.

On Tuesday, I came in from the beach at lunch, and I had a voicemail from Teach for America. I had been laid off from Memphis City Schools. (Check out the link for more information about why I was laid off; it really makes me angry to think about the processes that involve layoffs, seniority, and allocation of money at the systemic level, but that’s really tangential to the point of this post.) At first, I cried. Then, I started throwing things. I was finna QUIT, damn it. Then, I started walking it off, calmed down, and realized that if I had to teach math (yuck), I would. There was talk of me teaching Spanish; it won’t be on my license starting on September 1, so that plan wouldn’t work.

On Thursday, I got a message from TFA, stating that Freedom Prep had an opening. I immediately sent my resume and cover letter to them, and ended up securing an interview for Monday (yesterday).

Now, I had interviewed at Freedom Prep last year, when I first got to Teach for America. I didn’t get the job, and I was a little hurt/resentful/mad. Now, I had gotten over it, but I was hurt for a while. I didn’t think that I would get the job because I didn’t feel like I was good enough for them. This place is my dream job, and I just didn’t think I was good enough to teach there.

Long story short, I got the job at Freedom Prep. I asked God to teach me how to trust him. He rocked my world for a couple days, but then I secured my dream job at my dream school.

My faith in God is, like, 100% stronger now.

God is good!
All the time!