Sunday night. On Sunday night, rumors were whirling that there was going to be a blizzard. A blizzard of a whole 4-8 inches of snow. Obviously, Memphis did not survive the Snowmaggedon of Washington, DC last year. However, I was a little bit excited. We all kept watching with anticipation. Then, almost as though the snow decided that it was going to start the MOMENT the weathermen announced it, the first flurries fell (like my use of alliteration there?!). Within an hour, the streets were covered, and I felt hope. I called my dad so that he could funnel his superintendent-school-canceling-powers to Kriner Cash, the MCS Superintendent. Apparently, it worked. Around 8 pm, they announced that Memphis City Schools would be closed. Now, I used to get all sorts of excited when we wouldn’t have school back in the day. It was nice that I wouldn’t have to go to school, but I would always have something else to do. Ms. Adkins would schedule a show choir rehearsal, or I would have indoor soccer practice, or I just hadn’t finished Mr. Smead’s essay yet. A snow day as a teacher, though…Well, that’s just addictive. I jumped up and down, nearly high with excitement. I ran over to Michelle’s, told her the good news, and jumped up and down some more. I drove (yes, drove. Just because Kriner Cash thought people shouldn’t drive didn’t mean he was right…I’ve driven in much worse) down to the Mapco station and bought Half Baked Ben and Jerry’s and Oreos. I rejoiced. I read Twilight until about 1am and then fell asleep.

Monday. Snow Day. Beautiful Day. Although my apartment feels like a refrigerator due to its ridiculously drafty windows and old cracks and crevices, I had a marvelous day. I did some independent reading, and I got ahead on my lesson plans. There was a chance of more snow, very cold temperatures, and the word every teacher throughout western Tennessee wanted to hear–ICE. I prepared for Tuesday, although fully thinking that we wouldn’t have school again. I mean, they canceled Monday over a dusting, why wouldn’t they cancel Tuesday? They canceled Shelby County Schools. DeSoto County. Every county around us. It was inevitable. The Channel 5 website said MCS wouldn’t make a decision until 4 am Tuesday. So, I set my alarm clock for 4 am and went to bed.

Tuesday. 4 am. Memphis City Schools is open on Tuesday. I moaned, updated my Facebook status (“Darn it all.”), and rolled back over. I overslept, and I woke up at 6:20. Considering it takes me at least 20 minutes to get ready in the morning, and another 20 minutes to drive to school, it was going to be a rush to get to school by 7:15. But I got there. The absences were horrible. Our absentee list was 3 pages, front and back. I am sure that the students (and, probably their parents) felt as though it should have been a snow day. Although I am a strict rule follower, I fully agreed with them. So, I proceeded with my lesson, knowing that I was probably going to have to reteach the students. I am shuddering to imagine their quiz scores this week.

Wednesday. More students arrived. I was teaching “The Rose that Grows from the Concrete.” I wrote up 7 students. I HATE writing up students, and I don’t feel as though it helps. However, MB called AB a “faggot,” and AB got so in a tizzy, that I just had to kick him out of class. I don’t blame AB for getting upset, but his reaction was to just start screaming and cursing at everyone. He just needed to leave the classroom to calm down. However, on his way out, he yelled at MB: “I’ll see you after school!” Meaning, we are going to fight after school. So, MB just decided to follow him out of the classroom. MB felt that he should just fight right then and there. 3 of my other students, DP, JH, and JS, ran after MB “to break up the fight.” In translation, they wanted to see it go down. Thankfully, one of our security guards and our assistant principal were outside, and so there was no fight. However, I wrote up all 5 of them, mostly because the head of security told me to, but also because you can’t just leave my classroom any time that you want. 5th period came around, and the infamous PS decided that she was going to walk out of the classroom because I wouldn’t let her pee. So, I wrote her up. Again, you can’t just walk out of the classroom. This isn’t college. Then, VH never came back from lunch. Wrote him up for class cutting. It was a rough day, and I’m sure my assistant principal thinks I’m crazy for writing so many referrals.

Thursday. Much better day. Calmer. My students got “Hope is the Thing with Feathers.” At least, most of them did.

Today. Can I just get through today? Then, I can have a 3-day weekend.