This has been the worst week ever.

The air conditioning is off at the school. They have turned the heat on at the school. Which means the students don’t want to listen to me, and the students don’t want to do any work. As Ms. K said, apparently 72 degree weather means they think it is cold enough to turn the heat on. I mean, it is Memphis and it is hotter than I’m used to, but 72 degrees is too hot, nevertheless.

I have been sick. I ate some sort of bad chicken, and so I was throwing up for the rest of the entire weekend. It was miserable. Monday was not good. Not good at all. It was miserable. Kids were miserable. I was miserable. We worked out of workbooks. I absolutely hate workbooks, but I had them do worksheets, while I counted down the minutes until 2:15, when I could go home.

Yesterday, in the hallway, I see this kid sprinting down the hallway with what looked like a music stand (turned out it was part of a fan that he had stolen from a teacher’s room). He started beating another kid with it. Turns out he got 127 days suspension (not sure why 127….I guess that’s the rest of the school year?) My kids rushed into the hallway, as did the kids of every single classroom. I really don’t know why we are so attracted to violence in this country…Personally, I never want to take part in a fight, nor do I want to see one. Ok, who am I kidding. I do want to see one. However, my kids’ amazement at the fight was just disgusting. When I finally got them to come back into the classroom and chill out, I had to have a little lecture with them that went something like this: “Is a 180 REALLY worth the mp3 player that the fight was really about?” Someone then called someone else a faggot, and I had to have this lecture:

Me: “Hey PS, how would you like it if I called you the n-word?”
PS: “I wouldn’t. You’re not allowed to call me that.”
Me: “Well, faggot is like the n-word. Unless you are an actual homosexual, you are not allowed to use it.”

I know that’s not the real explanation, and I know that I wish I could give them some sort of lesson about the n-word, but that’s a fight for a stronger teacher. I can’t change the way that they talk, I can just give them a little something to think about.

Then, yesterday, my principal came up to me and sent me down to the Technology Training Center for a Reading Plus workshop. I actually think that it would have been extremely useful. However, when I got down there, I received the notification that the training was not that day, but the next day. So, my principal got me a sub, I left my 6th period (my rowdy, noisy, and highly annoying 6th period) to go to a training that was not that day.

And it’s only Wednesday.