Yesterday was tacky day. It’s homecoming week, and yesterday was Tacky Day. Kids were running up and down the hallway, taking pictures, wearing ridiculous clothes. And, there was a full moon. Everything was craazzy. Seriously nuts.

There was a fight in my classroom. The transformer blew, leaving my class of behaviorally deficient students in my classroom for about 2 hours.

The fight: It was in between 3rd and 4th periods. DW, who is in my 4th period, came into my classroom, sitting at a desk near mine. We were talking about getting his grades up, when another kid, who I don’t know, came into my classroom. He said, “What’s up” to DW. I thought they were all friends. DW then stood up, and the other kid punched him in the face. So, there was a great, lovely fight in my classroom. They really looked just like Alvin and Chessie, my cats, fighting each other, paws out. I told all the other kids to move out of the way, ran over to the emergency button, hit it, and then ran out into the hallway. Thankfully, there were several male teachers outside, and they ran into the classroom to break it up. Needless to say, my students couldn’t get calmed down to do their Do Now. so, I sent them to lunch.

When the students came back from lunch, we were working for a little while when the transformer blew. Of course, the kids were jumping up and down, excited for the prospect of getting out of school early. Of course, they didn’t get out of school early, but they thought that they were. So, there was lots of jumping up and down, there was lots of insanity. I understand, but as a teacher, it was quite difficult.

Oh, children.