August 25, 2010

First couple weeks have been challenging on so many levels. Spinning a bunch of plates on sticks, trying not to let them crash has been increasingly difficult with more and more students. SPED students, discipline issues, investing students in their education, lesson planning, LOCKERS (Oh-the bane of my existence!), testing, testing, and more testing!, calling parents, and so much more.

I also had a couple of cops bust in on my classroom during 6th period yesterday. I have no idea why. About 6 cops, literally pushing my students against the walls, searching for something. Patting them down and using the metal detector. It was just awful. I think the worst was seeing little Jonathan, who I think is adorable, being treated like a perp. It was just awful. I just wonder if there was an actual reason for that, or if they were just searching them because they are black kids in an inner city.

I really did prepare myself for this. I knew that there were going to be some cultural things that I wasn’t used to; I’ve watched Dangerous Minds, and I worked in ATL. But, seeing it happen right in front of you is different.

Montrell and Renard have parole officers. They ask me if they can call their POs. Montrell wears an ankle monitor. Students wear those hideous grills, and they come in through the metal detectors 3 times a week. It’s awful.

Ms. Roberts (aka-Danielle, a corps member) had to write up a few students for talking about my ass– “Ms Curry, you know, next door, has one fine ass for a white girl.” I was MORTIFIED.

Oh! And I coach soccer, too. It’s fun. We suck, but that’s ok. I love how structured my life is.

My students are brilliant. I love each and every one of them, even Paula, who consistently is insubordinate. I absolutely cannot wait until next week, when we start content.