Doo doo doo do dooo do do do do doo doo do doo do

“The final countdown!”

To my life starting in Memphis. My parents and I take a caravan down to Memphis on Friday, and I start Round Zero on Monday. Thinking about my classroom goals, my classroom culture, my classroom themes…I’m excited. I cannot wait until I meet great gains with my students. I want to make their reading levels get better. I want their writing to improve. And, I want them to understand how powerful language truly can be. It would be wonderful to get them to understand that language is more than just a medium for communication.

Being at home is nice, but I feel so super lazy! Going from Institute to being at home, with little to nothing to do. It’s killing me! So, it’s catching up on television and on blogging!

One of my students, MC, called me two days ago because he wanted to “check in on me.” So. Adorable.