I have been doing really well at Institute.
I didn’t understand why Athena said that Week 3 was when people broke down, when you really needed to start digging in. I was doing fine.
They had a special “TFA Day” for us on Tuesday, which just meant that we got 3 hours off. It was really nice, but I really didn’t think that I needed it.

Yesterday, though, I really broke down. I just really couldn’t get through my objective for my Monday. I just couldn’t understand it. Thursday, I thought that I really really taught a great lesson, but then only 50% of my kids passed my objective. I just couldn’t understand what I had done wrong. I called Dustin on the phone, and I almost broke down into tears.

However, the Memphis Regional Team came down, and they had a conversation with us about continuously holding high expectations for our students, and why this is so important. We also watched a video with kids from Memphis. They were just telling us how excited that they were to have us come home to them.

I don’t know how these TFAers know when and how we need this stuff, but I really needed that Regional Meeting yesterday. Thank you, Athena Turner.