I apologize for not blogging more often lately. It’s been a really crazy past couple weeks. I finished graduate school, graduated from Georgetown University with a Master of Science, moved out of my DC apartment (and currently all of my things are sitting on or around a ping pong table in my parents’ garage), and am anticipating another move to Memphis, TN on May 31, then to Atlanta on June 6, and then home on July 10, and then back to Memphis by July 19. I hope to find a roommate and an apartment by that time. I’m supposed to be having a phone interview with a middle school principal some time today or tomorrow, but I haven’t heard from anyone about that. I’d like to get this job thing settled, even though I’m not sure how much I want to work in a middle school. I do think that middle schoolers need the most patience and the most help. Maybe it would be really great.

Well, I just wanted to check in. Maybe soon I will have time to blog a little more.