This weekend was really good. One of my best friends in the entire world, Chris, came up to D.C. for the Association of American Geographers’ Conference, and he stayed with me here in Dupont. He got here on Thursday, and after his conference, we went out to eat at Jandara in Woodley Park. Lovely little Thai place; I love their pad thai (even though it is really hard to mess up pad thai). Friday, Chris went over to the conference, while I worked on some homework. We then met up at about 6pm, and went down to the Nationals game. We met up with Nora, who I also went to high school with, and her boyfriend. Nats won 5-3, there were 2 homeruns, and Adam Dunn got kicked out in the first inning because he got angry at a call the ump had made and threw his helmet across the field. I ate some chili cheese fries from the Ben’s Chili Bowl stand there at the stadium. After that Nora, Taylor, Chris, and I went back to Nora’s house and then we hung out for a while. Chris and I went back to my apartment, and then we went to bed. We didn’t get up until about noon today, and then we went to the zoo. I love the National Zoo so much. There’s this young gorilla there; he looks like a baby, but I think he’s like 4 or 5 years old. He acts just like a human toddler–it’s so adorable. We also saw an adult gorilla poop in his own hand, stare at it for a second, and then eat his own poop. That was gross. The momma panda, Mei Xiang, is pregnant again. I’m glad that they have been able to help out with repopulating the natural panda population. She just had a baby that was relocated to China in February. After the zoo closed, Chris and I went out to eat at the Luna Café in Dupont. He then went back to Morgantown.

You know, DC wouldn’t be so bad if I actually had people to do things with frequently.

I find out about Teach for America on Monday. I’m pretty excited/nervous. Even if I don’t get it, just knowing will be good because then I can start planning the next couple years of my life.