I really do apologize for the ridiculously pessimistic posts recently.
It’s about time that I get my act together. I can’t sit here and complain for the rest of my life.
If I just float through the rest of my existence, I am going to end up just a hollow shell of a person.
So, things that make me happy:

1. Imani Elizabeth.
2. Freshly cut grass.
3. Lilacs.
4. Puppies.
5. Suzie Oviatt.
6. The beach.
7. Lost.
8. Weeping Willow trees.
9. Old time.
10. Sushi.
11. Tacos.
12. Hummingbirds.
13. The color, green.
14. Old books.
15. Autumn.
16. Kittens.
17. Cupcakes.
18. Bubbles.
19. Fuji apples.
20. Braids.

Ok, these things make me happy, they should make you happy, too.
I will try to be more optimistic and intelligible these days.