Hey everyone, guess what? It’s only been a week, and already there is bigger news than Haiti. It’s ok. I guess it is surprising that Ted Kennedy’s replacement in the Senate is going to be a Republican. However, if even after a week, our attention is dwindling, then how can we expect that attention is still going to be in effect come spring? Or in a year from now?

I had another suggestions of a book to read for any of you out there who wanted to read up on Haiti: The Uses of Haiti by Paul Farmer. It was his phD dissertation, and he wrote it while working on Zanmi Lasante in Cange.

This cartoon, while kinda disturbing, does illustrate the fact that, although not even remotely all of the U.S.’s fault, we haven’t exactly helped the country to get on its own two feet over the past century. In fact, we helped dictators stay in power and usurped Aristide.

This is just my Haiti Thought of the Day.

On the other side, I realized that I don’t think my therapist listens to me. Back in November, I had talked to her for a very long time about my trips to Haiti, and I even read her my goals list, and then on Monday, when I went to talk to her again about Haiti, she didn’t remember any of that. I mean, I know that she must have a lot of patients and a family life, I was a little upset that I pay out my butt for someone who didn’t remember that very important aspect of my life. I don’t think that I want to go anymore.