Ok, I will write my Halloween update before I start working on this project that I am supposed to be working on…And then, no more internet for the entire night!!!

Ok, my Halloween basically started on Tuesday, when I went to the annual Dupont Circle High Heels Race, where I witnessed tons of guys dressed up in drag (some actual drag queens, some just getting in the spirit) and race down 17th street in pumps. It was raining, and so I was very impressed that not more of them fell.

I couldn’t see very well, but it was very exciting. If you go to about 3:00 into that video, you can see the race.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Saturday, I woke up and drove down to Hagerstown, where I met up with Dustin. We dressed up as Cookie Monster (me) and The Count (D-Money) from Sesame Street. Cookie Monster and the CountWe went to Chloe’s house for a party. There was soooo much delicious food and fun people! Dustin and I handed out candy, and then a few of us went trick-or-treating. Some of the costumes at the party were…Cookie Monster, The Count, Venkman from Ghostbusters, Steven Tyler, a groupy, a doctor, Babs and Bugs Bunny, a Jamaican pumpkin, a nerd, a vampiress, an airplane hanger, and a hippie. We had a bobbing for apples contest that I successfully won.PA280673It has always been one of my favorite activities. Then, we played this Donut game, where the donuts are hanging from the ceiling, and people have to race to see who can eat it the fastest. I didn’t play because I was completely stuffed on other food, and I didn’t want to eat a donut. PA280697We then had a small dance party in the basement, followed by a very long game of Cranium, where Dustin and I won by default because we all got bored and quit the game.

Dustin and I then went to the sorely disappointing Minden party, where everyone was already so drunk that it was gross. We didn’t even really see that many great costumes. There was a good Wonder Woman, and the Ninja Turtles were OK…but in all honesty, the party made me realize that I am so happy to be out of that lifestyle. It’s one thing when you’re the one in it, but then looking at it from the outside…it’s disgusting. I had SOOO much more fun at the party with no mind-changing substances, then at the one where there was a lot of drinking, and I think there was this dude passed out in the corner from doing drugs. IDK. Dustin and I left after about 10 minutes.

And that was Halloween! Yesterday, Dustin and I went to the Hagerstown park, where he took lots of pictures and we played on the swingset and went to the Washington County Art Museum. We rented Scream, watched it, and then I drove home.

Oooh! And tomorrow is The Get Up Kids show! I am very excited!