Bethany, my first cousin, had a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Pikeville, Kentucky yesterday. She’s a former beauty queen, so it’s not surprising that she was gorgeous, but she chose very nicely. She had originally planned for the wedding to be outside in the Pikeville park, with fall decoration, but it rained all day Friday and Saturday. She was level-headed, though, and decided on Friday afternoon to move the marriage into the church. The florist did a gorgeous job of creating the illusion that they were outside in a park, though. There was this backdrop of cream colored drapes, with white Christmas lights behind them. There were pumpkins and GORGEOUS flowers detailing the side. The music was provided by some violinists. Bethany surprised her fiance with a recording of her singing during their sand ceremony, and she has such a gorgeous voice. The bridesmaids were wearing champagne and mocha colors, which matched perfectly. Finally, Beth’s dress was cream-colored with silver detailing on it. It was beautiful. And, she was wearing bright blue shoes. Classic. We got some pictures with her and her little sister (all the grandkids) and there were some pics with my mom, my dad, and Bethany.

The reception was very nice, too. The DJ was a little lame, but he had a mullet so I don’t really expect much. The food was great, and there was a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. My cousin Ali Bea, my sister Mary Kellan, and I danced a lot together, and I actually attempted the Cuban Shuffle for the first time in my life. I didn’t do too bad! My aunt Gay even got up to dance with us during “Poker Face”! It was great. There were so many flowers at the reception; it must have cost a fortune, but who cares.

The most classic part of the wedding was when during the vows, I heard this weird voice somewhere. I turned around and my dad’s cousin, Adrian, was listening to the Kentucky v. Florida game on his earphones. Apparently, he listened to it the whole time. And also at the reception. Don Paul’s grandmother was so angry and almost didn’t come to the wedding because Beth and DP scheduled the wedding on the day of the game.

Oh, Kentucky football isn’t even that good! Silly people….

Anywho, here are some pictures!!!

Now, I have to drive 4.5 hours back to D.C. so I can go to work in the morning.